What To Wear To Your Work Holiday Party

Silvia Di Iorio
The holidays are fast approaching – so much holiday shopping to be done and parties to attend. On that note, most people look forward to their work Holiday party. It’s a chance to get to know your employers and co-workers out of the office and to have fun. So, what will you be wearing? Keep reading below for some useful tips…

1. Holiday colors are not mandatory, but it adds a festive delightfulness to any party. Red, green, or metallics like gold and silver add that little something extra to your outfit. just remember to not go color crazy because you don't want to end up looking like a household Christmas decoration.

2. Why not wear that little sequined dress sitting in your closet, or shop for a gorgeous red dress? It is a party after all. Time to wear a different outfit other than your everyday workwear. And by "a little different", I mean, kick it up a notch. Nothing over the top or super fancy. Stores like French Connection and Club Monaco have the perfect party dresses for such occasions.

Holiday Office Party Suggestions from Mango

Sequin dress from Mango.

3. A chic blazer compliments any outfit. Worn over a sleeveless dress adds the right amount of sophistication and class to your outfit. And it's very appropriate for a sit-down dinner with colleagues. Not to mention it maintains professionalism as well.

4. It’s all about the shoes. Flats *may* be acceptable if they are cute ballet flats, or try a kitten heel. Heels is always your best bet to one-up any party outfit. Opt for a patent heel with a platform front, or a metallic satin classic pump in a color that stands out. Also, a small clutch is necessary - no oversized bags. Perhaps a jewelled or studded clutch to make it interesting.

5. Man = tie. Whether you're wearing a suit or a shirt and sweater vest, or just simply a button-down shirt… A tie to a man is like heels for a woman. Enough said.

6. It's the little things that often times count the most. I've seen people at Christmas parties look like they just rolled out of bed.. *shaking my head*. A little effort goes a long way: buy yourself a straightening iron/ curling iron/ diffuser/ hair products and makeup and put yourself together! These finishing touches really do get noticed, trust me.

After all, you want to make a lasting impression. Dress to impress, because as they say, those who dress for success are the ones who obtain it. Most importantly, have fun & happy holidays!

Holiday office party

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