Editorial Photo-Shoot: Burlesque 3050 A.D., La Vipère Blanche

A lot of us do what we do, simply for the joy of doing. This is especially evident amongst our many contributors and various designers, entrepreneurs, even the general blogging community. Our first editorial photo-shoot follows the same path. An attempt at reflecting the strength, freedom and creative outlet to be found when we do things for the simple pleasure of creating something...an article of clothing, writing, sculpture etc. The photo-shoot tries to capture the erotic suggestiveness and over-the-top theatrics of Burlesque performances, while transporting us into a futuristic scenario. We dedicate this photo-shoot to our many contributing writers, supporters and all of you who do things mainly for the joy of creating. Hope you enjoy it!

Burlesque 3050 A.D. - La Vipère Blanche

Burlesque is long past the heady days of its revival around 2010. La Vipère Blanche, a popular Montreal Burlesque theatre, has always been in the spotlight. More so for its infamous, though affluent clientele. The theatre now offers its patrons state of the art ways, including partial teleportation, to anonymously enjoy the company and performances of its beautiful artists. XStacy Vipère has inherited the theatre and her love of the art form, from her maternal grandparents.

Though most Burlesque artists have to rely on other occupations to sustain their favored art form, at La Vipère Blanche the performers have found a way to mix business with art. Its client base has allowed performers to indulge in a lucrative side occupation. Only a select few know that apart from their theatrical talents the beautiful characters of La Vipère Blanche, including Xstacy Vipère, are accomplished Bounty hunters.

Burlesque 3050 - Montreal


Burlesque 3050- Montreal Photo-Shoot


"If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform a million realities."
~ Maya Angelou


Burlesque 3050- Montreal Photo-Shoot


Burlesque 3050- Montreal Photo-Shoot


Burlesque 3050- Montreal Photo-Shoot


Success is often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable.
~ Coco Chanel

Burlesque 3050- Montreal Photo-Shoot


Burlesque 3050- Montreal Photo-Shoot



Thanks to -

Concept, art, direction and CG/post production :
Jacob Varghese, BrandByte Media Inc. for his creative vision.

Felicia Stienfeld, for her wholehearted support and sense of adventure.
Marc Charles, for his focus and professionalism.

Chantale Arsenault, www.c2studios.ca, for her talents.

Make-up Artist, Hairstylist:
Ekaterina Ulyanoff
www.ekaterinamakeup.com for her flair and attitude.

A special thanks to Montreal's Finest and part of our selection panel:

Audrée Archambault, Cindy Laverdière, Duc C. Nguyên, Melanie Clark, Noelly Sam, Patrick Gagné, Robyn Chalmers.

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