Fabulous Fashions Revived at Annie 50

I was at the Annie 50 Press Breakfast recently and had the opportunity to meet and chat with the very talented Annie and Amelie. We talked about their inspirations, designs and work. These ladies are very focused and driven by what they do, and their accomplishments speak for themselves; 5 years in business, 2 seasons at the Montreal Fashion Week and a whole lot more to come.

Annie and Amélie share a passion for the 50s and have drawn much inspiration from that period. Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Birds’, Novak and Vertigo, and many more, play inspirational roles in their work. In fact, they creatively use 50s references such as Grace Kelly, MacGuffin (yeah, more Hitchcock) and the one and only Vera Miles to identify different outfits in their collections. It’s not just all 50s though, it’s an evolution of everything that has inspired them over the years, including contemporary designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Annie 50 studio

A walk through their studio treats the observer to collections past and present. I had the opportunity to not just see their work, but also feel the fabrics, all conceptualized and made right here in Quebec. An assortment of materials such as linen, muslin, varied knitting patterns, embroideries, etc. are ingeniously embraced and used. Amélie mentioned that the designers work separately, then meet and mix things up, and the result (obviously!) is phenomenal.

Annie & Amelie

They offer a wide range of products from pencil skirts, nipped-in waists to suits and boleros, all available from sizes XS to L. The pieces are affordable too, especially for women who don’t just want to blend, but also make a statement. The lines are casual (passe-partout), chic, comfortable and last but not the least SEXY- Every inch the lady! Most definitely worth the click www.annie50.com

Annie 50_3 Annie 50_1

Annie 50_2

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