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Prepping for MFW23 with Help from Friends

Editors Notes

My prep for this fashion week started with attention from Madonna’s (yes, you read right) make up artist. An auspicious kick-off, I think.

I’ve never done a facial, ever. So I must admit I was a bit apprehensive when Gina (apart from touring with Madonna, she has also worked with Anne Hathaway, Giselle Bundchen, Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake etc.) explained the non-invasive face care concept at the Bella clinique.

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Is bottled water making you FAT?


Lately, there has been a lot of talk about obesogens and how they can make us fat. Most (I used to be one) probably do not even know what the word means.

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When less is more

Montreal StreetStyle

Sometimes less is indeed more. Spotted at Old Montreal. Love how he brings it together.


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Après Summer What Happens to your Skin?

Current Trends

Summer always evokes images of sun fun and glowing skin. And as much as we love the sun, Summer is not the easiest time for our skin. Fast-forward to August and everything changes. With Autumn around the corner you will be getting your head around the new hair, new shoes & bag, a new scent perhaps, and new make-up to complement the fall fashion. And going by the trends forecasted for this Fall it seems that layering is the key, and yes there is a way to master that look. Now when it comes to your skin, you could also have a layered look – however it's not one you want to go for.

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FMDM 12 et Le WalkIn de Lolitta

Current Trends

N’importe quelle fille rêverait de pouvoir présenter sa garde-robe personnelle dans un défilé de mode au cœur de Montréal. C’est ce que Lolitta Dandoy a eu la chance de faire à l’ouverture du Festival de Mode et Design 2012 mercredi dernier.

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SOREL Avant-Première de la collection A/H 2012

Current Trends

N’importe quel Montréalais s’entend pour dire que; pour être heureux l’hiver, tu as besoin de bonnes bottes ! Avec les journées froides, la slush, la glace… tu veux t’assurer d’être confortable et apte à affronter les journées voraces.

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Boutique 1861 Opens Its Second Store


One of my favorite Montreal boutiques unveiled its second store, located at 3670 boul. Saint-Laurent. Its official opening, held July 18th, welcomed the media, loyal customers, and new guests.

Like walking into Victorian Barbie’s dream closet, there was an air of lightness, ladylikeness, and a vintage-feel all around, just like its first store on 1861 Saint-Catherine ouest.

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