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Norm Edwards - Creating pictures that tell a story

Career Focus

Montreal based Norm Edwards talks to about fashion photography and his career as a photographer.

Norm's career in photography spans over a decade. Norm is multi-talented and has involved himself in a variety of interests and careers including television, radio and even the Canadian armed forces. Norm discusses his first love, photography, in his interview with Shilpa Varghese (Editor - Montreal Fashion Bizvie) and also shares some of his amazing work with us.

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Très Hot Window Display at Giorgia Femme-Ursula B.

Current Trends

Window displays have always fascinated me and I love walking through Montreal malls and shops taking in the creative magic of the visual merchandisers. Today I came across something I had to share. Late evening, walking back home from a movie with friends via the underground city through Les Cours Mont-Royal and there it was. One of the most innovative window displays I had seen in a while. Understated yet elegant. What was amazing still is how simple the idea itself was.

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Musings of a Fashion Production Manager

Career Focus

As a production manager I am privy to the not-so-pretty innards of the industry, but by the same token I get the first whiffs of designers handiwork and creativity. It’s not always hunky dory in my seat, but I’m allowed to roll glamour (of the fashion world) with hard work (e-mailing even in my sleep!), hedonism (perks that let me own the trendiest samples) with patience (we work way ahead of your time, fashionistas :)).

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