Flaunt Your Toned Arms this Holiday Season

Crystal Champagne
I hear so many women complain about the "turkey neck" that wags underneath their arms, of which they are referring to are their triceps. Come summer time and holiday season, many women forgo wearing sleeveless outfits because they don't want to expose these "jiggly" parts. If you would like to go sleeveless and this is something that has bothered you in the past, it is the triceps you must tone - the muscles that run on the backside of our upper arms from our shoulders to our elbows.

Tricep dips are a great simple exercise for working this area of the arm. They're pretty easy to do and don't require any equipment just a chair or some stairs.

Here's how easy it is... anywhere, anytime exercises for your triceps:

  1. Position your hands shoulder width apart on a stable chair.
  2. Place your feet hip width apart in front of the bench with your legs bent.
  3. Straighten out your arms and keep a soft bend in your elbows in order to always keep tension on your triceps and off the joints.
  4. Slowly bend at your elbows and lower your upper body down towards the floor until your arms are at about a 90 degree angle. Be sure to keep your back close to the bench.
  5. Once you reach the bottom of the movement, slowly press off with your hands, and push yourself straight back up to the starting position.

Modification: Straighten your legs as you get stronger, this will make the exercise harder.

credit: image from ggvic

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