Tennis Minus a Tennis Elbow

Crystal Champagne
It is summer time and that means more outdoor activities, and one of my favourites being tennis. Personally I love tennis because it is a social sport; let’s face it whoever heard of playing tennis alone?! You get to be with friends, it gives you a great cardio workout and it’s just plain fun.

However, some of us pay a price if we play too often, and it is called “tennis elbow” also known in medical terms as lateral epicondyle tendinosis. It is one of the most common overuse injuries related to sports. Due to prior experience, this summer I knew enough to take some preventative measures in order not to have “funny bone syndrome”.  In doing so I thought maybe some of you who play tennis might benefit from my humble advice.

First of all, there is a preventive step which will help avoid this nasty affliction, and it is called the “Reverse Wrist Curl”. Video below for details regarding this exercise, which targets the muscles surrounding this vulnerable area.

The second piece of advice I would like to offer is that if you do feel inflammation, the best solution is give it time to heal. Sometimes the symptoms may last up to a year, but don’t get discouraged because honestly most of the players I know who have suffered from this have returned after some good R&R. It is important however, that when you do feel pain, to ice the area which can last anywhere from a few hours up to 24 hours.

From my experience an anti-inflammatory such as Advil helps tremendously, in more severe cases doctors can administer steroidal injections. Lastly a supportive wrap worn just below the elbow joint can offer support. You can find these wraps at a local pharmacy or you can order one online at

Remember summer is short in Montreal so let’s enjoy, and if you are playing outdoors, don’t forget that WATER!!! :)

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