What's the secret to staying fit?

Crystal Champagne
My last article I gave 10 tips for healthy and easy weight loss. I had some feedback from our readers and a comment on our Facebook page; "only if it were that easy to follow". When I read the remark I understood where she was coming from. Sometimes all the best intentions regarding our eating habits and exercise habits get lost, especially when we come home from a long day of work and feel run-down and all you want to do is veg. It is normal to have road blocks and you are not alone, but don't use that as an excuse. Sometimes all it takes is a little more motivation to help kick start achieving a healthy lifestyle. So here are a few tips used in the past, on myself or with my clients, that have helped .

Exercise tips

1. Write it down: Write yourself a daily note on a post-it and stick it in a place you will see it; fridge, wallet, front door. Remind yourself that you are wonderful and you deserve the best and so does your body.

2.Buddy system: This tends to be one of the best ways to staying on track. Finding a friend who also wants to get into shape makes it that much easier since you are now accountable to someone who is waiting for you at the gym or at the door with sneakers in hand.

3.Visualize: I love this word, because it truly works. Visualize yourself in great shape, and how you would feel physically and mentally. Do you know that your brain can not tell the difference between reality and imaginary? So think about it; if you start to visualize yourself leading a healthy lifestyle you will start to live it.

4.Reward yourself: Set yourself an attainable goal the first week, such as cutting back on dessert everyday at lunch time. After the week has passed and you stayed on track with your goal, treat yourself to something that would make you happy. One of my clients decided that because she trained 5 days straight she deserved a new pair of lululemon pants. It doesn't have to be over the top, it should be something that makes you happy, such as a manicure, or even a night in and renting a movie with take in sushi.

5. Remember your goals: Write them down and review them daily.


"By persisting in your path, though you forfeit the little, you gain the great."

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Crystal Champagne - Personal Trainer
Crystal combines 10 years of competitive equestrian riding to her certifications as a personal and group trainer to inspire individuals in achieving their fitness objectives. As well, she enjoys working as a strength coach for elite athletic sports teams.

Visit her at : http://crystalfitness.net/

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