Top 10 Must-have Items for Summer '12

Silvia Di Iorio
Spring has sprung which only means it’s time to make some room in your closet! With all the diverse fashion trends out there, it could be slightly overwhelming, which is why I’ve conjured up a condensed list of my favorite items.

1. ____ (blank) in Orange


If you haven’t guessed it by now, orange is everywhere – from home décor to all clothing and accessories stores and even in make-up trends. It’s refreshing and summery, and best of all, any shade of orange goes. So find one that suits your skin tone or wear a mixed print with this color of the season.

2. ____ (blank) in Mint

Alright, so orange isn’t the only color of the season as we are seeing a whole lot of mint green everywhere. It’s just gorgeous, no matter what or how you wear it. A mint green bathing suit is especially lovely for the beach.

3. Colored Denim

I absolutely love a basic pair of 5-pocket skinny jeans, capris, or high-waisted short, but more so in a fun color for summer. The greatest thing about colored denim is that you can find it in any color you’re looking for: bright colors, neons, and delicious sorbet shades in variations of greens, blues, pinks, etc. It especially goes well with the next item on the list.

4. Tie Waist Tops

T-shirts are becoming more exciting this season! And it’s all because of the littlest details. Tops that tie at the waist are fun for summer and put a unique spin on the cropped tops that we’re already used to seeing.



5. Floral Printed Dress

We all know that summer fashion and florals go together like Jean Paul Gaultier and nautical stripes, but this is far from the “been there, worn that”. Invest in some bright, boldly printed floral dresses that you will surely wear again and again.

6. Floral Printed Jeans

Florals are blooming everywhere! If there is one item on this list you must purchase, this is it! Pair them with a light wash jean jacket and white tee, crop top, or tank top, floral printed jeans are versatile and a definite must-have this summer.

7. The White Dress

No, not THE white dress aka wedding dress. Replace your little black dress (temporarily) with a little white dress. It’s simple and easy to wear, and perfect for a hot day.

8. Pleated Skirt

Skirts are getting a little more volume this season. The pleated skirt can be dressed up or dressed down, worn to the office during the day or for a cocktail night out. This is one item that should be a staple in every girl’s closet.

9. Cat Eye Sunglasses

Just the perfect accessory that radiates the right amount of femininity and 50’s flair. Cat eye sunglasses with a thick colored frame will fend off those terrible UV rays all while making you look fashion forward. The best of both worlds.

10. Wedges & Espadrilles

When it comes to summer sandals, opt for a pair of wedges or even espadrilles. They’re back again this season and it’s easy to see why.



Most importantly, stay cool and fashionable, no matter what trend you choose.

Have a happy summer!



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