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Have you ever decided upon a frivolous purchase and, once your platinum card had been entrusted in the (not always so) caring hands of the salesperson across the counter and guilt had started to set in, you were pleasantly surprised with a relatively generous discount as part of a special “tax-free” or “members-only” day at the store? It happened to me last month, after a considerably large purchase at Guess?, and looking back I’m not even sure what I did with the money I had then saved unknowingly. Well, if this has happened to you recently, consider the following.

On Wednesday, November 10, the Missing Children’s Network will be hosting its 25th anniversary cocktail soirée. For the occasion, privileged guests will get to experience the internationally acclaimed Cirque Éloize as it performs for the benefit of the only non-profit organization in Quebec dedicated to the search and recovery of missing children.Cirque Éloize

Since 1985, the Missing Children’s Network has been educating the public about the prevention of abduction, aggression and exploitation of children. It provides workshops on enhancing a child's self-esteem, autonomy and the right to say “NO!”. The more confident children are about keeping safe, the more empowered they will be to deal with other challenging situations in the classroom, in relationships and later in the workforce.

For those who cannot attend the fabulous soirée on Wednesday (or if you are reading this after), there are other ways to help support this important cause. Because the Network receives no operating grants from any level of government and that its programs are provided free of charge, its activities rest exclusively upon the generosity of individuals and corporations. You can make a difference by donating online at http://www.enfant-retourquebec.ca/en/dons/dons.asp. Remember that even the smallest of donations adds up in the end so why not make good use of that 10% discount you received on your latest shoe purchase to give that “extra” amount to a good cause?

If donating is not an option but you still wish to help, you can do so by participating in the Network’s events or organizing your very own! Visit http://www.enfant-retourquebec.ca/en/impliquez/impliquez.asp for more information.

Missing Childrend Network

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